I discovered my talents as a visual artist at a very young age, born in one of the world’s biggest cities, which implies third world contradictions made it easy for me to observe humans continuous struggle in this world, his connection with the universe and the manipulation of society.I began looking at the universe as a whole and not dividing it in parts of the world, groups, religions, cultures and traditions and this is why the art that I practice speaks universal language. My unique style is representational but imaginative, often conveying complex ideas and scenarios.My style of art is mainly surrealism, expressionism and contemporary however, i like bringing variety to my work by not bounding it into one specific stylization. The colors that I use Black, White, Grey, Red and Gold have taken on a tremendous role in all my works. These colors help me divulge the ideas that are present in the secret chambers of my mind. For me it’s very important that every element in my artwork falls into the correct place for which I go through a lot of experiments.I am always being asked questions about my paintings, For my part, I enjoy engaging the imagination of spectators, The very fact that my paintings inspire questions underscores its value as a work of art. Some of the characters that inhabit my work are deliberately designed conceptually to raise questions. The Universe fascinates me, that is the reason i love exploring the universe and keep raising questions and my paintings are an evidence of my inquisitiveness towards the universe.